The UTPA oftentimes receives job posting or volunteer positions available both in the U of T and Portuguese Communities. Here you can also find positions available in the UTPA.

1) On Your Mark is a mentoring and tutoring program for elementary and high school students of Portuguese or Spanish speaking descent who are struggling to achieve the curriculum requirements. The program is designed to encourage students to be more involved in their education, build their self-esteem, and to strengthen their bonds with positive role models and fellow peers.
If you are interested or for more information please visit:   http://ccp.utoronto.ca/Students/Service-Projects-in-the-Community/Co-Curricular-Service-Learning/Onyourmark.htm

2) Financial Planner / Advisor Career


Company Overview:


Alvista Financial is an independent financial planning firm that specializes in providing Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Preservation, Estate Planning and Group Compensation solutions to the Greater Toronto Area.  Our goal is to continue building a practice of unparalleled service through long lasting relationships with our existing clientele, their families and friends.


Position Overview:


The position is essentially a mentorship/training program, in anticipation of developing you to be an insurance or investment specialist.  You will be presented with the opportunity to work with a Senior Advisor who will guide you through all facets of the business: administration; planning; product selection; client meetings; etc.


Upon becoming a licensed insurance or investment advisor, your role will evolve to that of an independent advisor under Alvista Financial. You will then have a large degree of autonomy, provided the company’s standards for quality and service are maintained.  In addition, we encourage you to achieve industry recognized designations such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at your own pace to further advance your career as a Financial Planner.


The position offers a base salary, with the potential for additional incentives.


Position Qualifications:


  • Students currently enrolled in Post-Secondary Education
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to multi-task and be highly productive in a fast paced environment
  • Strong work ethic
  • Self motivated
  • Ambitious
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ongoing commitment to professional development



For those qualifying, this position can begin while attending studies or as summer employment.

3) Position Available

•      Part-time Law Clerk/Legal Assistant (5 to 10 hours per week)
•      preferably Friday afternoons to start, but willing to accommodate school schedule for the right candidate
•      Location: College and Dovercourt (Toronto)


•      fluent in English and Portuguese
•      excellent communication skills – written and oral
•      strong organizational skills
•      eager to learn
•      motivated and empathetic as a significant number of our clients are fleeing abusive relationships


Who we are/What we do

•      our two-lawyer law firm practices in the areas of Family Law and Estates
•      we do not accept clients who have been charged with domestic violence
•      we negotiate and drat Marriage Contracts and Separation Agreements
•      we represent clients in Court for custody, support, division of property, Divorce, etc.
•      we draft Wills and Powers of Attorney
•      we assist clients in administering Estates


•      communicating with existing clients and vetting potential new clients
•      banking
•      office administration
•      duties will be expanded to include drafting and editing correspondence; communicating with Court and opposing counsel; preparing Court documentation as well as pre-drafting and editing Wills and Powers of Attorney as experience and aptitude progress

Email resume and cover letter to:
•Eva Medeiros – Eva@Bettencourtllp.com 



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