On behalf of all the 2012-2013 exec council of the University of Toronto Portuguese Association I would like to welcome you to our website and to what promises to be a fantastic academic year!

The UTPA believes strongly in education, such that this year our motto is “Education is Power” but we are also passionate about our language and culture. We strive to preserve our roots in the U of T community, which is a very difficult task given the level of multiculturalism present amidst the students.

For all students interested in this association, getting involved is a great way to make friends and to establish connections that will come in handy in the future. The Portuguese community in Toronto is known as a tight-knit one; always helping one another and making newcomers feel as if they were back home. This is essentially how the UTPA is as well! We are always welcoming new members and happy to help anyone in need. Our home is your home! It may be small but there’s room for all who share a love for their culture.

Let’s celebrate our roots together this year!

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